Friday, March 26, 2010

Year 1 - 2010: All Lined Up

Almost ready to ride off into the sunset. 2010 is all planned and the locations reserved. The maps show our route. So much to do and see. The following years are loosely laid out right now and the sequencing may be changed--possibly heading straight over to Florida in 2011 and weave our way back to the west.

Year 2010 - Oregon and California coastline (see maps)
Year 2011 - Arizona and Utah
Year 2012 - Wyoming (Grand Tetons), Colorado, and New Mexico
Year 2013 - Texas and the Midwest (Ozarks, Branson)
Year 2014 - Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Year 2015 - Alabama, Georgia, and Florida (way down to Key West)
Year 2015 - New England and the Carolinas
Year 2016 - Catch up on the places missed and re-visit the favorites

Purchasing a home won't happen until our "later" years or we simply want to put down roots.
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