Monday, February 20, 2017

A Dilemna, Emma

Our neighborhood development centered around a golf course is around 700 homes.  It is not a 55+ designated area, but it is predominately retirees.  The earliest "settlers" moved here in the early 1980s and many are now in their 80s and 90s.  So, we are often losing our older friends.  It is depressing and it also reinforces that we are getting to that end point in life sooner than what we think.

So.  We talk about the direction of our daily lives.  We talk about it often. Are we living our lives to the fullest?  We are happy and comfortable, but our daily life has become routine and a little lackluster.  You can tell by the absence of blog posts that there is not really anything exciting going on right now.

Still in our early 60s and healthy.  What should we do? 

There are options to consider.  Maybe they are just fun topics of conversation, maybe they can amount to something. 

(1)  Do the big dream we have had for 40+ years--buy the live aboard boat.  Nordhavn 46 full displacement trawler.  Gain more experience in Puget Sound.  (We have had a 24 foot cabin cruiser before and explored Puget Sound--loved it.)  Maybe head off for the open sea if we feel confident and competent.  The boat can go anywhere only limited by the skill of the operator.
(2) Move overseas.  Portugal.  Cost of living is very reasonable.  The climate in southern and mid-Portugal is ideal.  A good home base to explore the rest of Europe.  New people.  New culture.  Good golf courses.  Good fishing.  Can be stressful, but the rewards would be great and exciting.
(3) Stay put on the Olympic Peninsula.  We love our friends and our new home.  Buy a small boat to fish and explore Puget Sound and on up to Alaska.  Comfortable choice and beautiful location.  Blog worthy?  Maybe.

It is a dilemma, Emma.
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