Wednesday, January 14, 2015


My “Best of the Adriatic” tour website contest entry was officially approved and accepted into the Rick Steves’ contest!  You’ll see my name and link on the following Rick Steves’ web page.  So. Excited.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Adriatic Tour–See the Contest Website!

Each year the Rick Steves Tour Company sponsors a contest allowing anyone participating in a tour during the year to submit a website “scrapbook” of their tour.  I finally finished my website of our tour, “The Best of the Adriatic”.  I have stiff competition, but just putting it together is a wonderful way for me and Wanda to revisit our trip and share with all of you.

If you would like to view the website, here is the link:

I know it is not same as being there, but we had a  fan-tas-tic time and hope you enjoy carousing around the website.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Update to the 5th Wheel Sale

Although our local dealer suggested a price of $47,000, we decided to lower the price for our 5th wheel RV to a more competitive amount of $39,900.  We eliminated the ad on Craigslist (too many scam messages) and listed on RVtrader.  Also added the availability of our 2012 F450 truck.  Here is the new write-up and link, if you are interested.


2008 Drv Mobile Suites 32TK3, Triple slide Mobile Suites 32TK3 Year 2008. Unit features freestanding table and chairs with two EKornes stressless recliners in living area. 40" Samsung flat screen HD television with surround sound. Ceiling fan, fantastic fans, two ducted air conditioners, day/nite shades throughout. Full kitchen slide features beautiful solid surface Corian countertops, dual stainless steel kitchen sink, 3 burner stove stop with solid surface fold down cover, GE convection microwave, Dometic fridge, lots of overhead and cabinet storage. Queen size bed slide with 9 drawer dresser and cedar lined mirriored closet with shoe storage. Bedroom includes flatscreen tv. Split bath with large angle shower, Splendide washer/dryer. Private toilet room. Exterior features weather pro electric awning, triple step entry with assist handle, exterior shower. trail Air hitch, large basement storage compartment, hydraulic landing gear. Currently in Lake Havasu until 3/15/2014. Call 509-308-0547 Ask for Mike $39,900 Also available is 2012 F450 6.7 power stroke diesel truck under 15,000 miles for additional amount. Truck includes 5th wheel trailer hitch and storage boxes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Changed My Mind

A few months ago, I wrote about how much I enjoyed Facebook.   Reconnecting with lost childhood friends.  Keeping in touch with fun co-workers.  Enjoying the photos of friends and family living everyday life.  But, something has changed in this social media.  The change evolved over time, and I did not see it coming.

I read a book called The Art of Civilized Conversation some years back.  The basic premise of this non-fiction book was to reinforce what makes a enjoyable chat versus the type of discussions that only lead to boredom, offensiveness or the cause of hard feelings.  And the importance of having conversations face-to-face.  You see other’s expressions, tone of voice and body language.  The book stresses there are three topics taboo in any conversation—politics, religion, and sex.  What makes an enlightening and fun conversation are ideas, concepts, new experiences to be shared or re-living great old memories.  They leave you feeling excited about the subject and the person you just talked to.

Gone (or minimally there) are the enjoyable tidbits of life and joking around on Facebook.  Instead there are political and religious grandstanding (my way is right and everyone else is an idiot or going to burn in hell),  jokes that go beyond sexual innuendo (and it is tough to offend me), opinions on how you should live your life and others using the media to be hurtful. 

Recently, I was joking around Facebook with a particular person/family group and granted used language that was not “ladylike”.  But, it was the type of joking a few years back would have gotten a laugh and a tart retort back.    Facebook had not allowed me to see how certain individuals had changed their perspective on life over the last few years (let’s just say they are a bit more rigid these days).  They were very much offended by my joking and a portion of the family have “defriended” me.  What was supposed to poke fun has become a disaster.

Life is meant to be well-lived (as you define it not someone else) and dealing with people who have a different agenda is a waste of a very short life.   My Facebook is now deactivated and it is time to move on spending more time on my life (yes, I am selfish that way).  Read this blog now and then if you want to keep up with what going on in our neck of the woods (I promise you will not find political or religious opinions or sexual discussions).  I want to share enjoyment, new experiences or old endearing ones, exciting projects, and encouragement for you to have the same. 

Live long and prosper.  And you can always call to say hello, leave a comment on the blog or we can meet for a friendly conversation over a good cup of coffee (or tea, soda, or stiff drink—whatever, you get the picture).

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adriatic Tour–Plitvice National Park

IMG_0290Our arrival to Plitvice National Park was in the misty rain.  Fantasy genre movies wait for this type of atmospheric setting.  Where little raindrops glitter the heroine’s hair as she walks through the woods.  Not exactly the dewy young maiden (ha,ha), but I did appreciate these conditions for seeing this natural wonder.  It made the whole experience mystical.

IMG_0295Sixteen terraced lakes spill into one another—you are literally surrounded by waterfalls.  With boardwalks crossing many of the lakes bringing you up so close you can feel the water crashing over the edge.  

The first shots of Croatia’s war were fired here in 1991.  For almost five years no one visited the park.  What was once a down-trodden park from so many visitors the environment was able to recover.  The water was now pristine.  Thousands of fish on the surface thriving.  Delicate flowers and colorful salamanders on the hills.  From such a sad plight of war, maybe one good thing happened. 

Adriatic Tour–Dining

IMG_0277One of the many things that make a Rick Steves tour special is their ability to use locals to find the special places and people of that country that you will not normally see on your own or on a large tour group.  One of those places on our tour was a wonderful locally known restaurant known as Brtonigla located on the Istria Peninsula. 

BrtoniglaWe were warned to bring an appetite and they did not joke about this...  From quick tasty bites of the appetizer, to a several mouth-watering main courses (at least I considered them to be large enough for a main courses) to the sweet dessert, we enjoyed the view, the company, the owners and the whole darn thing.  Their meats are actually cooked on open flame in a huge fireplace looking grill!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Times Are A’Changing

For the last year we have been debating back and forth about the future of our 5th wheel.  We had some of the best time of our lives in the first years of our retirement traveling the United States and seeing this great country (see earlier blog posts for a real taste of our adventure).  There is no better way to see the wonders we have here in our “backyard”.  From the Everglades of Florida to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, we saw it all.  But the last few years, our interests have changed.  We fell in love with the Olympic Peninsula and bought our retirement home there, found a supportive art community for both of our projects, plenty of golf, surprising sunshine (it is in what they call the “rain shadow”) allowing us to hike in the fabulous Olympic National Park almost year round and we caught the travel bug to see sights and places overseas.

So it is with sadness, we have decided to sell our DRV Mobile Suite 5th wheel RV.  If you know us, you know we bought a quality unit and kept it in tip-top shape.  We bought new, so you get the benefit of purchasing for half the amount we paid.  If you are ready to see the United States in style and comfort, you may want to consider purchasing this unit.  The unit and location are listed on Craigslist for all the details:  Please contact us through the ad.


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