Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #41–Healthy Diet = Less Waste (and Less Waist)

height-weight-chartLosing weight and exercise have eluded us for too long.  It is boring to write about the progress, so I did not and will not.  (This post is only in context to our zero waste goal.)  Hard work and determination.  Slowly making progress. Slowly.   When we reach our goal weight…perhaps…maybe…there will be a post to celebrate.  Then it is all about maintaining which sometimes is more difficult than losing (in my humble opinion).  Some lifestyle changes, for sure.

What is also rewarding about the process, besides losing weight,  is the reduced waste resulting from eating healthy.  Sticking to vegetables, fruits, and small amounts of protein results in less garbage (we are forsaking breads, crackers, starches in general, and sugar).   All that results are few meat wrappers, orange rinds, and cucumber peelings.   Another reason to stick to the new eating regime.

Not to mention a much reduced outflow of money.  Our monthly grocery spending is around $200 month now.  Not bad at all for us.  If I can start buying in season, the amount can probably be reduced even further. 

Hmmm, I think a new resolution is starting to gel for 2014.

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