Friday, September 21, 2012

Age is All About Attitude

photo (2)September is a mild month in south central Washington.  Sunny days with a bit of nip in the air.  Lots of crops ready for harvest including the grapes in the vineyards.  Normally, the grape smell overloads your sniffer this time of year, but the nearby forest fires in the Cascade Mountains have created a heavy smoke in the valley overpowering the harvest scents.

DSCN0761To hell with the smoke, we went riding!  Harley riding with the family.  Mike’s parents have a beautiful, new cherry red Harley trike and they know how to use it.  You would never know they are 83 and 78 years old.  They look fabulous and are having the time of their lives.  (Picture at far left)  Five hours of seat time up to Chinook Pass and back; they never missed a beat. 

Along with Mike’s sister, Barb, and husband, Jerry, and Jerry’s sister and brother and their spouses, we made a gang of Harley (and Honda) riders. 

Our destination on Chinook Pass was Whistlin’ Jack for lunch.  But, of course, it is all about the journey not the destination.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Friday Art Walk

IMG_2632A good percentage of the population in Sequim is represented by talented artists.  And every first Friday of the month from 5 – 8 p.m. they share their work in galleries and businesses in the older section of Sequim.  (The Map for the self-guided tour is available at participating arts venues or download your own map here.)  One of my companions, Wanda (photo at left), was enjoying the glass exhibition.  Both of my friends (photo below, right) are very talented artists and their paintings were displayed.

IMG_2640The September 7 Art Walk Color Theme was BLUE, but of course I forgot and wore a bright red shirt! Next month I will make sure to follow the theme.  I certainly stood out in a sea of blue.

fretnoirMany of the locations like the Rainshadow Roasting Company featured live music, wine, and appetizers for the “art walkers”.  The weather has been especially warm this week and most everyone spilled out onto the sidewalk to enjoy the balmy evening.  Sequim takes pride in their people friendly streets with plenty of benches and colorful late-season bloomers. 


If you are visiting Sequim at the beginning of the month, I highly recommend attending the Art Walk.

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