Friday, July 8, 2016

Boutique Closet

If you read previous posts on my downsizing efforts, you will know that I subscribe to the minimal clothing movement, Project 333.  And I do TRY to maintain a total of 33 items of clothing (exception is workout clothing and intimates).  What was odd, though, was having a large walk-in closet and our clothing volume only took up a fraction of the space.  Because my wardrobe is geared toward a capsule approach (all pants and tops color and style interchange), I found it was often handy to have a hook to put an outfit together.  And although the husband does not necessarily put together an "outfit", I would often hear a yell from the closet, "Do these pants work with this shirt!?". 

Given all of the above, it was decided eliminating the traditional rods and replacing them with a retail face-out rod would work well for us.  And it does!  Our little walk-in has a neat boutique look to it and I have preassembled outfits for the day which can easily be reassembled into a different look, if wanted.  The man clothes have the pants with a coordinating shirt.  No more yelling from the closet.

You are probably wondering where the shoes are?  Since we have downsized linen needs (extra towels, sheets), the traditional linen closet located in the master bath is now a shoe closet. There are more rods are either side of the closet that you can't see in the photos, but you get the general idea.

The husband installed track lighting with each light pointing to a particular rod.  Looks very much like an upscale little shop.

There are still a few adjustments needed like cuter hooks for purses, repainting and more stylish baseboards; but I am so excited about the new function of our master closet I had to share.
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