Monday, April 12, 2010

Always Connected--Isn't Technology Wonderful?

We now have personal secure high speed internet and DirecTV everywhere we go, whether it is boondocking in the desert or a remote national park in the mountains. Our new Datastorm satellite dish is mounted on top of the 5'er; and with a click of a button, a satellite is found within a few minutes and voila! we have internet and hundreds of televison channels. The equipment was installed yesterday in Eugene, Oregon thanks to Oregon RV Satellite Service. Thanks, Don!

For anyone staying near Eugene, Armitage RV Park in Coburg, Oregon is a jewel. Each site is wide, level and paved. Lots of space in between each spot with almost meadow-like grass and flowers. The park is located next to the McKenzie River with beautiful trees, but not so many trees to block our new satellite signal.

The trip to Eugene is a long one from Richland, Washington (our current location until Mike retires) -- over 300 miles. We broke up the trip by staying at Ainsworth State Park near Hood River, Oregon. The park is first come, first serve and this time of year we had no problem finding a site. During the summer months, I imagine this park fills up quickly since it is located on the Columbia Gorge historic scenic highway. Ainsworth is surrounded by towering cliffs of basalt with waterfalls turning to mist before they reach the ground. We were lucky enough to catch some sunny rays through the trees and drink a chilled glass of wine. Life is good.

Six more weeks and we'll hit the road. The satellite dish installation is just one more toodle-do's, toodle-done.

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