Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heading Northwest

We have made the decision to head back to our hometown a little earlier than planned.  The weather at Bryce Canyon is not in our favor.  We will visit family and friends; do some fun stuff and some not so fun stuff (clean up the storage shed, appointments, etc.). 

Score-Card-Aerial-PhotoOur hometown, Richland, Washington, is located in south-central Washington which is the desert part of Washington State—lots of sagebrush and hot summers.  The weather is usually pleasant this time of year, except for a few wind storms now and then.  The area is known for some amazing wines, great golf courses, and it is located at the confluence of the Snake River, Yakima River, and the mighty Columbia.  No water issues here.  The fun stuff will definitely include wine and golfing.

Looking forward to spending a few weeks back “home” and then we are heading to the Olympic Peninsula on the very northwest tip of Washington State to spend the summer.


  1. It is always nice to go "home" and spend time with family and friends but if you are like us you'll be busier than you are use to. But it is all good and gets us ready to be out on the road again. Our plan is to be in the NW next summer. Looks like there will be a family wedding in Bellingham. A little wetter up there.

  2. Hey if you two get a chance when you get home give me a call and come see how the house building is coming along!! They set concrete forms today, it is finally starting to take shape!

  3. Melissa - We will! Excited about your new home!


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