Thursday, August 25, 2011

Double Dip Day

IMG_1903(1) Trip to Cape Flattery and (2) first substantial ride on the Harley in a year and a half.  A most awesome day. 

Why is a ride on the Harley such fun?  There is such a thrill when you can feel the temperature changes through the forest (cool), along the ocean (cooler) and pastures (humid/warm).  The smells this time of year are fantastic with ripe berries, fresh cut grass, and the mossy scent of the forest.  And the devil-may-care attitude that goes with riding a bike. 

The road between Highway 101 and Cape Flattery, Route 112, is challenging with many twists and roller coaster hills.  The scenery is second to none with views across the Strait to Vancouver Island, Canada, and of course, Cape Flattery.  The weather was certainly in our favor today, too.

IMG_1914Catching the views of turbulent ocean waves breaking on the cliffs of Cape Flattery is well worth the 2-hour trip from Sequim.  Many mega-ships (oil tankers, cruise ships, large yachts) make their way past this point out into the open sea. 

This is one of big reasons we decided to make Sequim our home.  During the summer and fall months, Harley riding around the Olympic Peninsula is darn near unlimited with spectacular places to see.  The mild temperatures make it comfortable to wear all the leathers (jacket, chaps, heavy boots).  Love it.

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