Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 2012

Warning:  This blog post tends to be gender specific (females, to be specific…).  Men, please replace the word ‘clothing’ with ‘tools’ or ‘sporting equipment’ and I am sure you can relate to this post.

minimalist-wardrobe-system-applicationsI have a New Year’s resolution.  Not the usual lose weight and exercise.  Since I need to do both, I will continue to work on my health whether it is a new year or not.  Nope.  My resolution is to stop buying clothes for one year.  And I am expanding that goal to include narrowing down my choices in my current wardrobe—down to 33 items for 3 months.

This is my personal experiment to learn an appreciation for what I have and stop wanting more. Get rid of “stuff” (in this case, clothing) that is distracting and not worthy of resources (resources to store, to care for, waiting for a special ‘occasion’).  Be content and focus on experiences, not things.

This is not a new idea.  I was inspired by several websites/blogs that are trying the same.  Project 333 ( is probably the best example and my model.   Project 333 instructs you to focus on your favorite pieces—select 33 items and wear them for 3 months.  That includes tops, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry, and purses.  (Only excludes sport specific clothing, PJ’s, under clothing and wedding ring.)  Box up everything else and seal it up with tape—you can open it up after 3 months and reassess for the next 3 months.  You tend to wear your favorites over and over, anyway.  Right? 

colinminimalI want to see how creative I can get when I feel that I need something.  I want to figure out if I made good choices to begin with.  Will they stay in style?  Do I really care?  I do care about how clothes fit and feel.  I do care about how I look (which has more to do with the fit and quality than with the current trend).   So, my selections will consider both closely. 

I am fascinated by people who can pack up ALL their clothing in a backpack and travel whenever and wherever.  Looking stylish and ready for any occasion.  I doubt I will ever reach that point, but it is something to aspire to.  It is interesting to see who can do it and how they do it and why they do it.   (Like Colin Wright pictured at left.  His website:

My only exception will be the profit I make from selling unwanted clothing on eBay which can be used for purchasing anything new.  Since the process to sell is time consuming and involved, a whole lotta’ thinking will go into what is REALLY needed.  Oh, and it is required to be a net sum game.  New purchases cannot cost more than the profits of the sales.

Over the next couple of days, I will make my selection of 33.  My first report card will be posted at the end of March.  Wish me luck and maybe even join me!

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