Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #20–Homemade Lotion

Reference:  Resolution posted 12/31/12

homemade lotionI use a lot of lotion.  Every morning after I shower,  I slather up my arms and legs with body lotion.  I moisturize my face and lips every day.  Plastic pump containers.  Plastic tubes.  Plastic jars.  Have you noticed all the chemicals in the listed ingredients?  I decided there had to be a less expensive, healthier and plastic-free approach.

After searching websites for homemade lotion recipes, I found an wonderful blog containing all kinds of recipes for homemade products.  And probably the best and truly simple recipe for homemade lotion.

After gathering the ingredients to make lotion (there are only three—beeswax, olive oil, and essential oil scent), a friend and I set out to make our lotion today.  And I am happy to announce it turned out fantastic!  Maybe only one downside is the color—made from local beeswax the color is yellowish-brown.  Not pretty, but the moisturizing result is great. 

What I especially like are the multiple uses—body lotion, lip balm, and facial moisturizer.  AND the storage container is the same container you use to “cook” the product. 

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