Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #32–Keep Purging

The Zero Waste lifestyle takes some time to adopt, especially with the slow purging of previous purchases not following the guidelines.   A friend of mine mistakenly thought we had finally eliminated our garbage pick-up.  Although we are consistently down to one medium trash bag every two weeks, the pick-up is still required.  As we use up products contained in plastic or canned goods, our dry trash fills up.  Slowly plastic is being replaced with glass containers or recipes made from scratch rather than canned/packaged. 

If you have elected to follow along with our commitment to zero waste, I would encourage you not to be discouraged with a full trash bin.  The lifestyle change takes time.  Just the adjustments we have made in the last 7 months have made a huge difference.  Hang in there.

If you need encouragement, watch Bea Johnson’s YouTube video featured by Sunset Magazine. 

Watching this video was my original inspiration to begin!

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