Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #40–Traveling

Long time, no post.  Sorry.  Catching up now.

southern_ohioSpent a girls’ long weekend with my sisters and mom in southern Ohio this month (one sister is on work assignment in the area).  I have to say minimizing waste while traveling is almost impossible.  Obviously, you can’t take your own water or beverage on your flight.  The options to bring an empty canister to fill later past security are lacking.  Due to health concerns everything is focused on disposable items.  I am not sure how to counter this.  A pretty pathetic situation for many reasons.

But, the visit was fabulous.  My sister bought a historic home in Jackson, Ohio built 120 years ago.  I tend to pooh-pooh the supernatural, but I had my moments.  Was it “smoke” that filled the room the first night or were my eyes tired and unfocused? 

Sister Tracy did a wonderful job furnishing the home in thrift finds and wonderful purchases on  A great front porch for my mom, sister #2, me and the Ohio sister to gather in the evenings for several bottles of wine.  With leaves turning and unseasonably warm weather, we had a wonderful time.

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