Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Magic Moment–#2 Grandparents’ Memory Book

If you have grandparents and/or parents still living, please take the time to encourage them to record their memories.  One of the best moments in my life was to receive a book full of hand-written memoirs and photographs from my grandparents. 

One year I bought a hardback book filled with empty pages with a question or two on each page.  Each question prompting my grandparents to record a memory.  Unknown to me at the time was that my grandfather was dying of cancer.  During the year they spent each evening taking on a question and my grandmother wrote down everything they could remember about their childhood, their courting, marriage, children, loss of loved ones, and growing old.  I realized later my request was also a gift to them, helping them re-live their time together and recording such a very full life.  You can see from the few pages below how much time and care they took—pages and pages of wonderful magic moments.  My grandparents will always be special and most certainly never forgotten.

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