Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Coles–Final Installment

Of course, the Cole family lives on; it is not really “The End”.  My grandfather, Joseph Franklin Cole, was the grandson of Elizabeth Buckingham Cole; and she has been the subject of my series of family history.  My father was Joseph Franklin Cole II.  My brother, Joseph Franklin Cole III.  And finally my nephew, Joseph Franklin Cole IV.  And brother Neil and his two boys, Casey and Mason.

teacupElizabeth Buckingham Cole passed away May 1899.  “Left for the other world,” as my elderly aunt once said.  The strong thread that held the family together for so many years was gone.  She never gave up her aristocratic habits through all the years.  Tea at 4 pm.  Wool clothing for day, silk for Sunday and a fur cape for special occasions.  Never cotton—much too common.  Always full of love and kindness for her husband, children and family back in England.  Missing her home in England, but never allowed to return.

Elizabeth would have most likely led a comfortable life in England if she had forsaken the “Irish Gardener” and the twinkle in his blue-gray eyes.  She went with her heart and experienced the most exciting life. 

And although I no longer have the Cole surname, I have something very special--I inherited my great-great-great grandfather’s blue-gray eyes.  {Smile}

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