Monday, September 8, 2014

Magic Moment #20–Old Fashioned Entertainment

In our community of retirees and the semi-retired, we engage in some old fashioned fun.  We invite others over for a meal (nothing exotic, just comfort food) and a game of cards.  We laugh.  Exchange stories.  Enjoy each others company. 

cocktailpartyA throwback to the way my parents entertained in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.  My parents’ favorite card game was Bridge with several couples playing at two card tables.  What made an impression on me was they “dressed up” for the occasion in the 1950’s and served cocktails.  Not a beer in a bottle, but a fancy glass with an olive.  That whole mid-century, kinda’ swinging Sinatra-style.  I loved, loved, the dresses the women wore with the full skirt, pinched waist, and usual fitted sleeveless upper.  Heels with a pointed toe and real silk nylons. 

With the 1960’s the look changed to a more casual style.  With the late sixties, it was the adult version of the mini skirt.  But, never sloppy.  The invitees usually included my dad’s co-workers—other teachers and their spouses.  Adults I would see at school, but now here they were at “my house” behaving in a completely different manner (some nights they went home a little tipsy). 

So nice this type of entertainment is making a comeback.  Just sit back and enjoy an inexpensive meal, a couple of drinks and a little competition.  Simple magic in its own right.  Nothing wrong with that.

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