Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bloedel Reserve

We have lived on the Olympic Peninsula for a little over five years and still have so much to see and experience.  One place on our list was the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.  The garden is known as one of the most beautiful and it certainly did not disappoint us.  Finally made the 40 mile drive (I know, so close) a few days ago.  One of those days that starts off with a cloudy marine layer and burns away to a cloudless blue sky.  (Note:  All photographs are from the Bloedel Reserve website.  Saw all of the views, but my photos just do not do it justice.)

Bloedel Reserve is 150 acres with a two-mile walk through meadows, woods, marshes, bridges and boardwalks.  You emerge from the woods to a lushly landscaped pond complete with an enormous weeping willow and beyond a building which was the Bloedels' home from 1951 to 1986 (Read the Bloedel's family story on their website.   Interesting read).  I loved the house just as much as the gardens.  Not only are there views from the house of the woods and gardens, but also a bluff overlook of Port Madison Bay.  Spectacular.

The Reserve also includes a serene Japanese sand and stone garden, Japanese pond garden, and Japanese tea house.  This looks like a perfect spot to sit on a bench and sketch.  If only as an excuse to sit and meditate your surroundings for a few more hours.

A fairy-like moss garden literally carpeting the ground with over 50 types. 

This place is a world to itself.  Highly recommend seeing, if you get the chance.  I would like to plan a couple more visits to experience a winter and spring landscape.  Yes, this is definitely worth a repeat trip.

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