Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kitchen Remodel - Complete!

We had our first dinner party using our newly remodeled kitchen.  Love it!  The mixed color scheme with natural wood (cherry) and painted sage green cabinets seem to fit this house.  The cheery tiled wall with mosaic and cream colored quartz counters really adds a spark to this cottage meets northwest home.

Removing the corner kitchen appliance garage and centering the stove top really opens up the counter space.  New large 30-inch oven and a microwave/convection oven adds to the function of the kitchen.  Previously there was a counter-top microwave and 27-inch oven.  It is no longer a problem fitting large dishes for baking and getting the microwave off the counter adds even more counter.

Replaced the kitchen desk area with a big open counter and unobstructed upper wall making a great place to arrange platters of food when you want a buffet-style dinner (like our dinner with guests last evening).  By eliminating some of the upper cabinets we are able to take in the great view of the living room.  The mosaic climbs all the way to the ceiling here and really adds interest.  Pull outs in all the base cabinets provides lots of storage--helping to keep our counters free of clutter.

The centered induction stove (love cooking on this--almost instant heat and easy to clean--nothing bakes on) has pull-outs on either side storing spices on the left and oils/vinegars on the right.   The large hood has lighting covering all the cooking area.  I love the modern stainless steel hoods that are out now in many kitchens, but we felt the wood added to the character of the kitchen.
Over the years and experiencing a few different kitchens, we found the under-counter stainless steel sink works best for us.  Lots of counter in this area too.  There was a Bosch dishwasher in the old kitchen and we re-installed it into the new kitchen.  Best dishwasher we have owned.  Quiet and washes all the dishes squeaky clean.

And finally a panoramic view from the kitchen into the dining room and out to the outdoors.  (You can see little Miss Heddie the Havanese.  She is confused about all this picture-taking.)  Really happy with the outcome of the kitchen!


  1. Your kitchen remodel is beautiful, and I'm glad it worked out for you. We're still in the middle of ours and are trying to decide whether to go with a lighter color for the cabinets or a darker color. Seeing your choice is pushing me towards the lighter! My hubby and I have been at it for a month. Hope to be done soon!

    1. Sorry I missed your comment earlier. In the middle of computer change. Thanks so much for the compliment! I need to improve my photographing skills. Maybe I can work on that skill and post the home's complete makeover.


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