Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Vampires in Gilroy, California

BetabelOur location at Betabel RV Resort is 5 miles south of Gilroy, California—the garlic capital of the world.  Going by smell alone, I am guessing their claim may be accurate.  Garlic is great in all food Italian; but holy cow, the air is pungent with it.
Did you know 80 percent of the lettuce in the US is grown in Salinas, California about 17 miles south of our current location?  Do you really care?  The farmer’s market seems to be a year-round thing here.  It has not been difficult to find fresh strawberries, vegetables, garlic, etc.
Mike has been a little under the weather with a sinus headache the last few days; so we have relaxed around home with a few short shopping trips for household items and groceries.  In hindsight, we are happy to finally chill out.  Since we started traveling over three months ago, we have been so excited to be at a new location that we run out everyday to see the local sights.   Until now, we have not taken the time to just enjoy the RV Resort, the wonderful mild weather, and views of beautiful hills with oak and cypress. 

If Mike is feeling better this weekend, maybe we will head over to the Monterey Jazz Festival.  This is a big, international event and should be fun. (Jazz is usually our music choice and hearing some of our favorites in person would be a real treat.) There are also a number of other things to see before we leave at the end of the month; including Pinnacles National Monument with huge bat caves (the garlic smell must not bother these guys), Carmel & Pebble Beach Golf Course, the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and Big Sur a little farther south on Highway 1.  We plan to leave here at the end of the month, but maybe we will extend our stay.  It is pretty darn nice.

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