Friday, September 3, 2010

Sonoma is My Kind of Place

sonoma Spanish styleSonoma, California is what we had in mind when we thought of wine country in northern California.  The town is small, a little over 9,000 population, and definitely laid back.  We could easily live here (without the tourists).  We purposely “got lost” in the town to take a look at the homes and businesses away from the main plaza.  Adorable.  I could totally decorate this little Spanish-style bungalow (picture to the left) in terra-cotta tile through-out, rust-red/sage-green upholstered furniture with dark wood accents, a bed with a massive headboard intricately carved—you get the picture.    So California, yes?

Sonoma_City_HallThe town of Sonoma has the traditional Mexican/Spanish plaza.  This one was established by General Vallejo, way back when.  Every town should have a plaza with a large fountain, large cypress trees, and a little pond with ducks quacking loudly to be fed.   This plaza was surrounded by little shops selling unique clothing, kitchen must-haves, and restaurants.  I found the perfect multi-colored dress that goes everywhere (stretchy fabric is my best friend).   I can wear it to a few more winery visits and maybe a wedding in the future—great with flip-flops or high heels.

IMG_0684Before we left Napa/Sonoma, we wanted some extra wine glasses with a winery logo.  We found them at our wine tasting and afternoon patio drink establishment at Roche Winery.  Great wine and great new glasses.  I wanted substantial stems with a wide base to avoid tipping and a tasteful logo on the side—it is like they read my mind. 

Their picnic area had the most colorful, outdoor artwork.  They are waterproof!  If I had a house, I would have one.  

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  1. Now you're talking. Sonoma is one of my favorite towns. The traffic gets very heavy on weekends, but once you're parked... golden.


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