Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dungeness Spit

IMG_1872IMG_1874Weather forecast called for partly cloudy today, but again we enjoyed another all blue sky with temperatures near 80 degrees.  Taking full advantage of the warm day, we took a short hike called, “Heart of America” at the National Dungeness Wildlife Refuge (located about 4 miles out of Sequim).  The path leads you through a cool thick forest down to the waters of the Straits of Juan de Fuca.  You can continue to walk another five miles along the spit out to the lighthouse.  But, we elected to sit on beached giant driftwood and enjoy the sunshine, surf and sand.  (The number of people walking on the spit toward the lighthouse in the picture above makes it look almost like they are making a pilgrimage of some sort.)

IMG_1870There is surf here at high tide.  Surprising, when we are so far from the actual coastline.  Love the smell of fresh salty air.  A touch of humidity off the water can really cool down a warm day.

Oh, and supposedly there was a 3.7 earthquake here this morning.  Honestly, did not feel a thing.

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  1. We love that hike - and especially all the good seats on the driftwood. :) Wasn't it a gorgeous day today? We're taking the ferry to Friday Harbor tomorrow, so we're hoping for a repeat.


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