Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunland Golf and Country Club

SunlandGolf#5Our new future home is located on the Sunland Golf course in Sequim.  Hole #11, in fact.  Mike was itching to play golf on a regular basis--he joined the Sunland Golf and Country Club prior to our move-in date (like two months before move-in).  He plays at least twice a week on this beautifully maintained course and loves it.  A great way to meet new friends, too. 

The summer daylight hours last until 10 p.m. here in this outer edge of the Pacific Daylight Savings time, so I am sure Mike will work this to his advantage to add a few more games to his weekly average.

Another great feature of membership is reciprocal agreements with private courses throughout the U.S. and Canada; allowing him to play free or for a reduced rate.  Sweet.

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