Sunday, March 25, 2012


Citrus Juice PressWhile in Disney World two months ago, we took time to hang out one evening at the rustic bar in the Fort Wilderness RV Park.  It was early in the evening and no other customers, so we were able to chat with the bartender as she was pressing out fresh lime juice for the nightly margaritas.  The juice press was industrial strength and manual operation.  Very easy to use and fast.  We were loving the fresh orange, lime and lemon juice from both Florida and California when we were visiting and decided we had to have one to continue the experience.

After finding a good deal on eBay, we ordered the Alpine citrus juice press and love it!  Fresh orange juice in the morning, lime juice for the mojitos and scratch salsa, and the best lemonade for the afternoon. 

Love it!  We save and dry all the rinds for potpourri or make a concoction for warding off ants (works!).  This is one of the reasons we love traveling--the exposure to new ideas and talking with people who can show you a “fresh” perspective.

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