Friday, March 30, 2012

Project 333

1st Quarter 333It is the end of the first quarter of 2012 and time for an assessment of my New Year’s resolution (see January 1, 2012 post).  My goal was to avoid any purchases of clothing (one exception—see below) and be satisfied with 33 items of clothing/jewelry for 3 months. (And if you recall the guidelines, the count does not include sport and event specific wear like hiking gear or dress clothing.   I am excited to report this was very eye opening, and it was a successful first quarter!

What I learned:


  1. Most jewelry and watches are no longer part of my life.  With the exception of a few earrings and my wedding ring, the rest were not being used.  Watches and bracelets were irritating to wear and in the way, especially when I was golfing or painting.  I just was not ‘fessing up to the truth about this before.  Necklaces, too.  They are slowly getting sold or given away. 
  2. Paring down to two basic colors for pants and reducing the count was truly liberating.  Black and denim—one black and two denim.  The exception may be my white jeans this summer. 
  3. No more prints means a lot more flexibility.  Layer up your T’s and  button-up shirts, wear with a multi-color scarf or top it off with a jacket, if you need color and creativity.
  4. The clothes that did not fit well were jettisoned and I never looked back.  Much easier to dress with clothing that fits and I enjoy. 
  5. Shoes and items that were not multi-functional did not make the cut.  The red Teva water shoes only worn on the beach, although very cute, were not worth the time and space they occupied.  Out! Out!

With the jewelry and clothing sold (over $200, so far), I did purchase a classy, short trench rain jacket on sale at Nordstroms.  Can be worn with jeans or dress pants.  The style has been in fashion for decades and should last a good long while.   I made a promise that I would not buy clothing unless I sold enough to pay for a new purchase.  I kept my promise.

Well, this is fun and dressing in the morning is so much easier.  The closet has loads of room now and looks like a photo shoot from J.Crew (you know, lots of space in-between).  I plan to fine-tune the 33 and adjust for summer.  There are still a few shirts I am not totally in love with and they will be replaced at some point.

Whether you live in a 200 square foot RV or a large home, this is a worthwhile and thoughtful approach to dressing.  Living in the land of “enough”. 

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  1. I think that is a great idea. I'd never heard of the 333 project. I know I still have too many clothes for the RV so it might be time to try this. I may wait until we get planted in Iowa for part of the summer so I have time to really sort and a place to get rid of the clothing. You have inspired me!


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