Friday, June 15, 2012

Father’s Day

SCAN1807My dad loved to travel.  His far-flung travels started with his enlistment in the Army during the Korean War.  While most served in Korea; he was posted in France.  He used to joke that he typed up his orders to send him to the location of choice; when in fact, he was scheduled to be sent to New Mexico for atomic bomb testing, but they needed someone who could type to be stationed in France.  Life takes us on unexpected journeys.  Always loved this picture of him visiting Paris (see the Eiffel Tower in the distance) during his military leave.

Dad passed away about 11 years ago.  He was an ornery character, but we loved him and his stories.  Almost in tribute to his typing skills used during his time in the Army, he became a high school teacher in business education which included teaching typing (known as “keyboarding” today).

Miss you, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day.

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