Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watercolor–In Work

SCAN1803Lots of time devoted to learning watercolor techniques and general painting composition.  This will take years to master, but love the challenge and so rewarding when you can make something beautiful.  This poppy is my latest project.  Poppies are everywhere right now growing in the fields and in front yards.  Reds.   Oranges.  Pinks.  Makes you smile as you walk by.

There are many artists on the Peninsula—all willing to give advice and mentor you along.  Signed up for a 3-day workshop in July.  Private studio overlooking Dungeness Spit and Puget Sound.  May be difficult to focus on painting.


  1. Terry - you do beautiful work, love the poppy painting. I retired after 37 years at Hanford too, and you are right - it is a new beginning and loving it! Kathy Bates

  2. Thanks! I remember you! Pension group, right?


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