Thursday, June 21, 2012

Webster’s Woods

IMG_2464When I was a youngster, we received a monthly educational magazine called, Highlights.  A regular feature was a drawing with hidden “things” embedded throughout.  It was a huge accomplishment to find all the items in the picture without cheating by looking at the puzzle key in the back of the magazine. 

IMG_2485A visit to the Webster Woods Art Park is like that drawing.  You must look closely as you walk through the outdoor art park to find the art.  Above.  Below.  All around. 

IMG_2492The Art Park is located in Port Angeles and we spent a beautiful sunny day walking through the exhibits.  There are five and a half acres of lush forest as a backdrop for artists’ imaginations. Sometimes you will utter a “wow” and sometimes a “what in the world” .   Whichever, you will always have a smile as you walk the paths.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father’s Day

SCAN1807My dad loved to travel.  His far-flung travels started with his enlistment in the Army during the Korean War.  While most served in Korea; he was posted in France.  He used to joke that he typed up his orders to send him to the location of choice; when in fact, he was scheduled to be sent to New Mexico for atomic bomb testing, but they needed someone who could type to be stationed in France.  Life takes us on unexpected journeys.  Always loved this picture of him visiting Paris (see the Eiffel Tower in the distance) during his military leave.

Dad passed away about 11 years ago.  He was an ornery character, but we loved him and his stories.  Almost in tribute to his typing skills used during his time in the Army, he became a high school teacher in business education which included teaching typing (known as “keyboarding” today).

Miss you, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watercolor–Reading Chair

SCAN1805Not as colorful as the poppy posted yesterday, but it was fun to paint.  This is a lamp and figurine next to my reading chair in the bedroom.  Okay, enough painting, golfing tomorrow with the Lady Niners and Friday a hike on Mt. Walker.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watercolor–In Work

SCAN1803Lots of time devoted to learning watercolor techniques and general painting composition.  This will take years to master, but love the challenge and so rewarding when you can make something beautiful.  This poppy is my latest project.  Poppies are everywhere right now growing in the fields and in front yards.  Reds.   Oranges.  Pinks.  Makes you smile as you walk by.

There are many artists on the Peninsula—all willing to give advice and mentor you along.  Signed up for a 3-day workshop in July.  Private studio overlooking Dungeness Spit and Puget Sound.  May be difficult to focus on painting.

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