Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #6–Recycling

Reference:  2013 Resolution posted 12/31/2012

cardboardIn one of the earlier “No Waste” posts I mentioned that my garbage reduction resolution was inspired by the blog written by Bea Johnson.  Bea has a system relying heavily on the 5Rs.  Refuse. Reduce. Reuse.  Recycle.  Rot.  And strictly in that order.  I think she has it right. 

However, there are items that cannot be “refused” (by us, anyway) and must be recycled. 

  • Cardboard.  There are still a few food items we purchase in a box (crackers) and large purchases packaged in a box.
  • Glass.  Beer bottles--we can purchase beer in a reusable growler at a local brewery, but it goes flat too fast.  Wine bottles—our local winery does not refill—yet. 
  • Aluminum.  When we still indulged in drinking pop (or soda, for some), we recycled aluminum cans, but we have since given up carbonated beverages.  Too many studies showing bad effects.  Plus, it costs a pretty penny.  Occasionally, there is a need for a mixed drink and the result is a can or two needs recycling.
  • Plastic.  Still looking for a convenient recycling dumpster.  But, we are fast figuring out how to avoid purchasing at all.  Will explain in a future post.

Even in our small town there is an abundance of cardboard recycling stations, a handy aluminum can recycling (collected for charity) and a large glass disposal recycling bin.  (Note:  We drop off our recycling rather than curb side pickup.  Easy to stop and drop off—the stations are located next to the grocery and convenient.  No extra effort required.)

We are down to one medium size bag every two weeks.  Garbage pick up is now twice a month for a small can.  Charge for pickup is down to $13/month, fewer trips to the curb and a good feeling that we are making a difference (albeit a very, very small one).  Our efforts are working! 

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  1. I am impressed. We had a great recycling system back in Iowa. It was curbside and you didn't have to sort at all. Even for a family of 4 we rarely had more than one bag at the curb but our recycling bin was full.


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