Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #5–Recycling Egg Cartons

Reference:  2013 Resolution posted 12/31/2012

Banty Rooster2One of the best ways to reduce trash and support your community is to buy locally.  You will hear this theme over and over in my “No Waste” posts.  And most likely the local food you purchase will be better for you.  Less chemicals.  Fresh. 

In our semi-rural area, there are quite a few gentleman/woman farmers, and it seems everyone likes to have a few chickens in the yard.  (Love hearing that big Banty rooster crow a few blocks away.  That guy has lungs.)  We have a local gal who makes a Tuesday delivery to the house with a dozen, fresh brown eggs.  (They are so large they barely fit in the carton.)  She needs empty cartons for future egg collection and distribution; so when she drops off the eggs; we pass along the empty cartons. 

Does not get any easier than that.  Delicious.  You may not get egg delivery to your home, but I will bet most of you have access to local fresh eggs.  Often you can arrange for a carton exchange.

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  1. We have been eating as much local as we can find. In Northern California it has been wonderful. We get fresh eggs at the farmers market and it you brought your container back she gave you a small discount.


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