Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Have you encountered a bonsai tree?  (Pronounced “bones-eye”) An ancient looking mini-tree in a small pot.  Without the perspective of the pot, it looks like a gnarled full-grown tree hanging on a remote cliff.   Always loved the beauty of these mysterious little trees.  Thought the price made it out of reach, but found with some patience and attention I could grow my own starting with a $30 purchase of plants, soil, a pot and the help of our local bonsai club.

The Dungeness Bonsai Society meets monthly every first Tuesday in Sequim and I attended my first club meeting this morning.  Incredibly helpful members and extremely talented.  Although, my devotion to the craft will not compare to these long-term members (one member has spent over 400 hours on one juniper), I do plan to spend some time on a few.  They are too beautiful to ignore.  And the Olympic Peninsula has the perfect climate to nurture them (as long as they are watered during the warm summer weather).

HOWEVER, at some point, I need to limit my hobbies.  I will pick this one up, then it needs to STOP!  For such a small town, there are a lot of interesting activities to indulge in, along with a very friendly social neighborhood getting together at a drop of a hat.   I am often amazed to hear some retirees are bored (have not heard that complaint here).  Even if you do not start developing interests before retirement, there are plenty to jump into to after you retire.  Do not be timid.  Try something.  You may be pleasantly surprised to learn what you enjoy—maybe BONSAI!

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