Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Waste Wednesdays #13–Prescriptions

Reference:  Resolution posted 12/31/12

Whether you purchase prescriptions at the local pharmacy or through a mail-order pharmacy, they all come with plastic bottles and reams of paper.  (And the worst is blister packs.  Ugh.)  No progress here.  The best I can do is write to the corporate offices of the pharmacy to find alternatives (like the option to receive warnings via e-mail and re-order forms on the internet).  Right now I am washing the bottles, removing the labels and using for individual paint colors for artwork.  There are probably other up-cycling uses for the bottles, too.  Nothing we can do about the blister packs.

chiminea pizza ovenThe paperwork (drug side effect warnings, re-order forms, and envelopes) is shredded and we use the paper to start our little outdoor chiminea.  There may be a bit of a bite in the air this time of year, but often the sun is shining.  It is nice to have a fire near the patio to take the edge off. 

The chiminea shown is not ours, but what a neat concept.  The Aztec Allure offers an outdoor fireplace as well as accessible grill capabilities. This way, you can enjoy an outdoor fire and cook your dinner at the same time; it features a stainless steel barbecue grill hidden behind the sunburst, where you can grill brats, burgers, and PIZZA!

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