Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #29–Nail Polish

nailpolishLike most women, I have tried out my share of nail polish on fingers and toes.  Wild colors applied either by me or at the salon.  Pink.  Red.  French.  Little Jewels.  Painted Flowers.  Who knows how much it has cost to date and how much harmful acetone was used to take it off.

Stop the madness.  Seriously, stop.  As of today, for me, no more.  Just a good old fashioned cleaning with a stiff brush, push back the cuticles (my Dad told me when I was a little girl you had to see the “moon” at the base of the nail), and buff the nails for a good shine.  It looks healthy, it feels good, no harmful chemicals, and you will save a bundle (time and money).   No more hazardous waste in the trash, either.

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