Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #37–Hang on to Your Car

DSC_0015 - CopyA different point of view than our green-minded friends buying the latest hybrid…We are holding onto our gas-guzzling car (well, it is actually an SUV).  It is now 14 years old and well over 100,000 miles.  We plan to keep it another 14 years.  And our car commitment is not unusual.  The average life expectancy of a new car in 1930 was just under 7 years.  Many of today’s cars are expected to last 250,000 miles, ours included, if maintained properly and driven reasonably (avoiding an accident).

We like taking good care of our belongings.  We stand up a little taller and prouder when someone is surprised at the age of our vehicle. (We park way out in the “north 40” to avoid dreaded car dings.)   And really that is the way everyone should treat their cars.

Yes, you are right to say our vehicle is probably not getting the gas mileage of a new car.  But, the price of a new car will buy a whole lotta’ fuel.  AND I really like the fact, it is one less vehicle headed for disposal, at least not for a long time.

Yes, there will come a point in our car’s life when the maintenance becomes too costly.  When the time comes, we will invest in a fuel efficient model.  Maybe, when we are ready to buy, the cars will be off gas/diesel all together.  For now we are happy with our SUV--let the good times roll or “laissez les bons temps rouler”.

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  1. We have almost always kept our cars until they literally work out. My one son is till driving a 1997 Saturn but it may not make it much longer. Then we usually donate them to NPR.


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