Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #42–Wrapping Up 2013

IMG_2373A long way, we have come.  Pleased with our progress to minimize our waste (our 2013 New Year’s resolution).  Lots of effective and easy habits.  Consistently, have 1/2 a garbage can full every other week.  There is more to be done, but all in all feel we are helping in our small way right now.

This accomplishment seems to only apply to our time spent in our home on the Olympic Peninsula.  When we travel, the ability to reduce waste becomes much, much more difficult.   The Peninsula businesses and services help residents A LOT by providing alternative packaging (none in some cases) and accessible recycling locations.  Other areas around the country—not so much.   Wish everyone would help and contribute.  It is NOT that hard.  Really.

The Olympic Peninsula is so spectacular; the vistas take my breath away every day.  Views over the water of the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Vancouver Island, the dramatic Olympic Mountains, calming lavender fields and rushing rivers.  Why would we want to trash it up with our garbage?

As far as travel, you probably noticed a lack of posts on that subject.  We are rethinking our approach to travel and how to document our time away.  Will say more in a few days. 

Life is short.  Need to make the most of our time.  Time to move on and make adjustments.  Next year is a big one—turning 60, wedding anniversary of 40 years, an overseas trip, some more sister/mom time in the works, and maybe a new member of the family. 

Merry Christmas!  And a very, happy New Year!

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