Monday, January 20, 2014

New Directions in 2014

Since January 1, we have been overwhelmed with the care and training of a new family member.  A tiny Havanese puppy we named Heddie (short for Hedwig).  Her coloring is mainly chocolate with a chest and two front paws in white.  Lots of hair looking like a wavy mess even after brushing.  At just over 2-pounds and 14 weeks, she is full of energy and a handful! 

IMG_2905DSC_0007 (3)IMG_2911

The Havanese are small with their adult weight around 10 pounds, no shedding, they adore people and are quick learners.  Our little girl fits the description and is proving to be smarter than her owners.  We taught her to ring a bell on the door to go outside for bathroom duties.  She has realized that ringing that bell gets our attention for anything.  Rather than barking , she rings the damn bell!

Besides filling our days with the new addition, we have a lot planned this year.  This blog is all about what we try out in our retirement and documenting what works for us and what does not.  We turn 60 this year and more than ever, realize that our lives have an expiration date.  In retirement we have the freedom to go in new directions and embrace change (you will figure out what I am alluding to in future posts).  And we plan to do just that.

Although a very important factor in retirement is financial planning, I believe a bigger consideration is what you plan to DO in retirement.  Once you retire it is easy to let each day come and go without much thought or purpose; but do not let it slip away.  Take charge and plan to fill your days with activities you always dreamed of doing, but never had the time.  You will be happier and more satisfied with your life.  How exciting!

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  1. She is such a sweet little fuzzball! Enjoy much happiness with your new family addition!


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