Friday, May 2, 2014

Magic Moment–#12 Fast Water

inflatable_kayakThe roar of the fast river rapids on the Idaho Salmon River is not something I will forget.  A two-day river rafting trip through the parched hills with pine trees growing between baked rock outcroppings on the swift river water was just (I know I am overusing the word…) magic.  Our trip was taken 20 years ago in July during hot 90 degree weather, but welcome warmth because the splash through the cool rapids made sure you were always wet. 

Our trip included rafts and inflatable kayaks provided by a professional rafting company.  Anyone one game could opt to paddle the kayak through the rapids and meet up with the raft with all the supplies.  Theoretically, you take turns in the kayaks, but I was having so much fun; I really was unwilling to give up my kayak!  Love, love kayaking.  What a rush!

Our trip included just one night camped on a sandy beach, our rafting company hosts provided a fire-cooked meal and slushy drinks.  Yeah, I could not believe it when they revved up a generator for a blender mixing margaritas.  Excellent. 

Our little pup tent helped keep out the dive-bombing bats through the night, yet the opening big enough to view a cloudless star-filled sky.  Morning was bright and early with bacon and eggs.  A quick finish to the meal and we are back in the rafts.  The day ended at the Snake River and the drive back to home.

Always wanted to buy river kayaks after that but it never seemed practical.  Although we lived on the Columbia River and it has a strong current, it does not provide the rapids required that make river kayaking so exciting.  So, unfortunately that was a sport passed.  But what a great, great experience. 

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