Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Magic Moment–#13 Fishing

Mike_Fishing_Watercolor-1 (2)Not a skilled fisherwoman, I am amazed when I can actually reel in a nice fish.  The hubby enjoys fishing for the “big ones”; so this sport for us is usually focused on salmon, steelhead and sturgeon.  This year he is trying his luck with halibut (short season starts next week). 

We have friends (guys and gals) involved in bass clubs/tournaments and they can pull ‘em out one after another.  Others can fly fish in the smallest of streams and catch trout.  Some will sit for hours by a lazy river and hook onto a decent sized catfish.  I am in awe of their skill.

Port Angeles with Dick EvansMy so-called skill involves second-by-second instruction from my fishing partner, yelling at me to set the hook and how to reel it in.  If I actually get it in the boat or on shore,  it is exciting! and I am all smiles.  [Picture above in the Columbia River, recent picture on the right is out of Port Angeles with a friend, and below a few fish I have caught through the years.]

SCAN2259SCAN1563But, when we get home and cook the freshest fish ever, the real magic begins.   Fresh never has the “fishy” smell you seem to get at the store or the mushiness.  Nice firm meat with that explosion of flavor when you take a bite--whether it is barbequed, steamed, baked or fried with spices or just salt and pepper.  Pair it with in season vegetables and our favorite wine and life does not get much better.

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