Sunday, October 26, 2014

Adriatic Tour–Slovenian Honey

For you thrill seekers this stop may be three zzz’s rather three stars, but I really enjoy learning about and sampling local produce.  In this instance, it was honey.  We gave it three thumbs up. 

IMG_3067We stopped in our tour guide’s small village near Lake Bled (will describe Tina, her home and family in a future post—she is amazing) to view an ancient beehive and give some locally produced honey a taste test.  The art of beekeeping was perfected in the mid-1700’s by a Slovenian farmer and Slovenia has been known for their honey ever since.

IMG_3069The beehives look similar to a post office wall of post boxes, but made of wood painted with different colorful medieval style art on each “box”.  Each painted panel helps distinguish each hive.  Honey samples included a floral and a pine base.  Wow.  Extreme flavor in a good way.  Reproductions of the beehive panel art are sold in Lake Bled and Ljubljana, but like a fool I forgot to purchase.  Arggh! 

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