Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adriatic Tour–Lisjak Winery

P1000997P1000991Good people.  Good wine.  Good food.  Set in the wonderful Karst region in Slovenia (you know with all the charming hilltop towns on the Italian border) is the Lisjak Winery owned by Boris Lisjak and his family (photo to the left is Boris and his grandson).  The whole family is involved right down to the grandkids.  And when it is time to harvest the grapes the whole village rallies to pick.  The cabernet sauvignon was so fine I lugged a bottle back home.

IMG_0243P1000988Our tour group stopped at Boris’ winery and vineyards for his excellent wine and home cooked dinner.  Shared in his lovely family home and wine cellars.  By now our tour group members are becoming close friends and we are having a great time especially with a few glasses of vino.  White wine.  Wred Wine (after a few the extra “w” just happens).  Now, every good story has a special recipe and here is the Cabbage Soup we loved with dinner:


Lisjak Cabbage Soup

500 grams of sour cabbage (also known as sauerkraut)

200 grams of potatoes

300 grams of beans

1 onion

1 teaspoon of sweet pepper powder

bay leaf, salt, pepper

In the first pan you should cook sour cabbage, second pan should have salty water and sliced potatoes in it and the third pan beans with bay leaf. Afterwards sautee chopped onions and sweet pepper, add sour cabbage with water in which it was cooked, add cooked and mashed potatoes and brown beans. At the end add the water from the beans to get a thick stew, add salt and pepper. For better taste you can also add a sausage (that you have previously cooked in a separate pan) and then add it after it is cooked for about 5 minutes.

Bon appetite!

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