Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adriatic Tour–Romantic Rovinj

P1010017IMG_0273All of this tour was trip of a lifetime, but there are a few places that will stay in my heart.  One of them was Rovinj, Croatia and we were only there a few hours.  I so wanted to spend more time in this special little town.  Spilling out into the Adriatic and surrounded by fishing boats, the old town is filled with small cobbled alleys sometimes leading you to some new interesting location and sometimes ending abruptly.  Little sobes (apartments for rent and oh, so, cute!—Wanda has her eye on the one in the photo right), art galleries, and restaurants line the streets and alleys.  And like a tiered wedding cake, the top (hill-top) is adorned—in this instance with a bell-towered church.

IMG_0271IMG_0269A pleasant cultural and architectural mash-up between Italian and Austrian.  Austrians enjoyed the location as a vacation destination during the Hapsburg rule (pre-World War I) and Italians during their ownership between World Wars. 

Sigh.  Just a few more days, please!

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