Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Room With A View

The new home was purchased for many reasons, but one of the best features is the living room with the view.  On the golf course looking down the fairway.  Not across the fairway, but down all the way to tee blocks.  Makes a long expanse of green grass and trees. Fun to watch golfers throughout the day.  The home is positioned in a way that it is rarely hit with golf balls (yea!).

This is the adult room.  No television only music.  We sit every morning in the swivel chairs in front of the big windows with our coffee and plan the day.  The swivels are a must for turning towards the view when it is just the two of us and swivel back to the front for conversation with guests later on.  On the rare winter day when it snows, the windows give us a snow globe effect.   

The only upgrade needed to this room was a fresh coat of paint and a few repairs to the fireplace to make sure it is working when it turns chilly.

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