Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lake Powell

IMG_1420Lake Powell and the Wahweap RV Campground have got to be up there in our top locations to visit.  The combination of a large body of water branching out over hundreds of miles of deep canyons is a sight to see.  Our site (Loop C, Site 11) is one of the best we have ever had—30 feet wide, it can easily hold two RVs and vehicles plus a large personal picnic area complete with an oversized table, BBQ and fire pit.  To top it off, the view of the lake, cliffs and marina is amazing.  Nothing to block the view at all.

288px-USA_Antelope-CanyonI really do not understand why no one is here.  There are maybe 10 RVs in a campground with 200 sites.  Our weather is perfect in the mid 60s and there is lots to see and explore.  Not complaining; we enjoy the peace and quiet.  Our camp site is so great we only left this morning to get a few more groceries.  The rest of the day was spent laying in the sun like a lazy cat.  We suspect the lake is all about the hot weather, water sports and house boating.  Sounds fun, too.

Later this week we will take a tour boat up 50 miles to see the rainbow rock bridge (one of the top 10 natural wonders in the world) and venture down into the Antelope Canyon.   It is famous for countless photos taken of its beams of light and smooth, undulating walls.  (Photo from Wikipedia; we hope to capture our own pictures during the visit.)

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  1. This is an area we haven't made it to yet so I am going to enjoy following your travels through this area. We had Zion almost to ourselves in December and I think that is the best. Just you and nature- enjoy!


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