Monday, March 7, 2011

Let’s Go Racing!

IMG_1407As Mike was setting up the VCR to record his NASCAR races last Saturday, I asked him if he would like to drive to Las Vegas to watch a live NASCAR Sprint Cup race the next day.  “Are you kidding me!?  I would love to go.”  Within minutes he was on the phone getting tickets and we snagged two seats in the Richard Petty Terrace, Section 103, Row 42, Seats 28 and 29.  Perfect view of turn one.

IMG_1404The start of the race builds to a mind-blowing roar as the tightly bunched cars fly around the first turn.  Everyone stands for the start and any re-starts.  It was a long race with 266 laps, but with the number of  incidents like Kyle Busch’s engine blowing up and Jeff Gordon hitting the wall after a tire failure the whole event was never dull all excitement and fun.  The race on Sunday was close between Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards near the end.  But, Carl won out.  Yeah!  (We like Carl.)  Carl did his famous backflip off his winning car and the crowd (estimated over 100,000 fans) cheered.

One of Mike’s happier moments.  We have to do this again—maybe on the trip down south in the next year or two?  Daytona, perhaps?

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