Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

DSC_0025 (10)The Rainbow Bridge is about 50 miles from our campground and only accessed by water.  We took a tour boat from the Wahweap Marina around 9 a.m. and traveled through channels of red rock cliffs and viewed large mesas and buttes in the distance.  The ride was great not only for the Rainbow Bridge destination, but also seeing Lake Powell.  This lake is huge with close to 2,000 miles of shoreline!  There are small lake canyons branching off from the main body of water deep everywhere you look.

This would be a fun place for a family to rent one of the big houseboats and anchor off in some private little cove.  The houseboats have water slides off the back for the kiddies and hot tubs on top for the adults.  Most come loaded with jet skies and all kinds of water toys.  This lake has to be big for the number of houseboats available in the marinas.

DSC_0030 (10)Rainbow Bridge was spectacular, of course.  The lake water is down, so you cannot reach the bridge totally by water.  But we only had to hike in about 3/4 of a mile from the dock to get to the bridge.  Did you know it is called an arch if it does not have water running through the feature?  Incredible how the bridge stays intact…for now…someday the wind and rain erosion will prove too much and it will come crashing down.  Better come see it!

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