Thursday, June 2, 2011

Owl Spirit Café @ Port Townsend

A visit to Port Townsend is always fun.  The 19th century buildings along Water Street are filled with interesting art galleries, unusual clothing shops, and many good smelling cafes.  The ferry from Whidbey Island drops off in the middle of all this hub-bub.  Interesting people watching from the tourists to the locals.

Owl_Spirit_CafeWe made the trip from our spot in Sequim to Port Townsend yesterday.  It is about a 30-mile drive; a pretty drive down Highway 101 with a turn north along Discovery Bay.  Besides browsing through a few stores, we ate at the Owl Spirit Café.  A trippy, hippy little place with excellent food.  Very much into fresh ingredients and healthy alternatives.  Although Mike made the mistake of asking for a diet Coke.  They looked slightly aghast and suggested he drink one of their freshly made juices.  He opted for water.  What an adventuresome fellow…

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