Thursday, June 23, 2011


IMG_1829The GPS is a indispensable tool on the road, but it goes nuts when it is left on traveling over Puget Sound on the ferry.  “Recalculating…recalculating…recalculating,” is the voice we hear over and over every two minutes until the car drives on to land.  Picture to the left is horrible, because the ferry is in constant motion and I was not able to hold the camera steady.  But, you can see the screen shows the car “floating” in the water.  Funny.

IMG_1827We traveled to the Lynnwood Alderwood Mall today (Pottery Barn has a sale) to buy drapes for our “soon-to-be” bedroom.  The quickest route is to travel to Kingston and catch the ferry to Edmonds.  So many of the riders are merely commuters traveling from their rural homes on the Olympic Peninsula to work in the busy Seattle area.  It is just another boring daily commute for them.  Traveling over Puget Sound whether it is by ferry or small boat is always exciting for us.  I doubt it will ever be boring.  Picture to the right is the view from our car on the ferry.


  1. I like how your car is hanging out there in the water. When I had a house, Pottery Barn was one of my favorite stores.


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