Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still Here

Long time between posts.  Sorry.  Our travels are on hold as we tend to family matters, build our new home, and purchase needed furnishings and appliances.  Lots to accomplish, but not very entertaining reading material for a blog.  When we started our full-time RV adventure, we sold most of our furniture and all of the appliances.  Which was the right thing to do.   Storing all that stuff is expensive and the style of furnishings were unique to our former home.   Now we are starting from scratch—almost feels like our first year of homemaking way back when.

refrigerator_sequimFinding new household items can be fun, but very stressful.  We are trying to buy things we will love and enjoy, but also keep within budget…very tricky.  Officially, we will receive the keys to the house on July 28th.  Seems like plenty of time, but there is a lot to be accomplished in the next five weeks.

One of my passions is home decorating, and I am excited to fluff out our new nest.  As the house takes shape, I will post pictures to show our progress.   I love our little RV home, but it will be great to have a nice, big refrigerator again.

After this is all over, we will probably be happy to hit the road again!


  1. I miss a big fridge too. One of the few things I do miss from the sticks and bricks. I look forward to seeing photos of the new house.
    We too are somewhat stationary for the summer and I also find it hard to blog when we really aren't doing much. I am lucky if I get a post or two a week lately.

  2. Want to come decorate mine when you are done?? I have everything picked out so far in the building stage except the tile back splash. I still need to pick out light fixtures, door handles, and towel racks--I think that is all. Hopefully at least!!

    Enjoy the decorating.


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