Sunday, September 18, 2011

Visit from Ma Mere, Mon Step-Pere, and Ma Tante

IMG_1946Translation – we had a 3-day visit from my mother, my step-father, and my aunt!  I am practicing my french for a future visit to Quebec or someday France.  One can dream.  (My French-speaking readers – please correct me if I am getting this all wrong—at least I am trying.)

IMG_1944A great visit this weekend from my family.  We did the grand tour the first day of our new home, the Sequim area, and ate lunch at the John Wayne marina.  In the car.  The weather has been wonderful the last two weeks; but of course, our visitors had to experience overcast weather and some sputtering rain.  Ack!

The next day we headed up to Hurricane Ridge.  Clear, but cold!  The view was magnificent, as always.  Back down the mountain, in Port Angeles, we stopped at the Camaraderie Winery for some tasting and purchase of a few bottles.  What a pretty little winery. 

IMG_1950We ended back home in Sequim to sit on the deck (with the fire going for the first time) and had a fun time enjoying each other’s company.  Cooked a tri-tip on the BBQ, made up a new salad recipe (not bad—romaine lettuce, walnuts, feta cheese, pears and a light honey dijon mustard dressing).  Ate way too much.

A great visit!

[Oh, and mom brought tomatoes from her garden.  So good!]

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