Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our House (Post 1)–Weekly Tour/Entry

Sequim FoyerSetting up, decorating and maintaining our home is a treat for us.  Some people agonize over the purchase of furniture, selecting appliances and placement of their belongings.  Not the case for us.  We get excited about the prospect of new surroundings.  Whether it is in our Fifth Wheel RV or our new sticks and brick home located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. 

In the past, we have hired an interior decorator to select colors and furnishings.  In fact, we became good friends with the owner, Katie, of our favorite design store, Spencer-Carlson in Kennewick, Washington.  Love her ideas and help—highly recommend.  This time, though, we decided to take off on our own (save a few coins and Katie is just too far away now) and we are pleased with the results. 

With the exception of a few more small details, the dressing up of our new home is complete.  We gave a lot of thought to our purchases.  The furniture style and our house interior selections (wood flooring, tile, paint colors, etc.) suit our personalities and daily living.

Sequim FoyerThe first post for the “Our House” series is appropriately, the foyer.  The foyer is small, so the amount of furniture is kept minimal.  A decorative table holding a colorful floral arrangement.  (The table is a favorite with three elephants holding up a leather tabletop with their trunks.)  There is a small painting to greet visitors.  A functional rug to wipe their feet.  The drapes are simple cotton with a burlap texture and color (great buy from Pottery Barn).  A small bench may be a possible addition in the future to encourage everyone to remove their shoes. (It will need to be narrow and not very wide, if we get one at all.)

In our previous home, the foyer was large and required lots of furniture and accessories to fill the space.  We both felt it was excessive for the amount of use the room received.  The entry in our new home we both agree is right-sized.

With the beveled glass in the front door and large side window facing south, the space is often filled with light.  The side window is usually open letting in the good smells of wildflowers and berries from the nearby meadow and of evergreen needles from the forest of Douglas fir.  We picked a light hickory flooring throughout the house with the exception of tile in the bathrooms and laundry.  The wood makes a clean, bright look in every room.

Excited to invite you into our home and give you a little tour over the next few weeks.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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  1. Looks good so far! I also did all of the decorating in my home, no pictures yet though.


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