Sunday, September 4, 2011

Would You Like to Come for Dinner?

DinnerHaving new friends over for a sit down dinner is a relatively new activity for us.  We have had BBQ’s and holiday dinners at our previous homes for old friends and family, but having new friends over for appetizers, main course, and dessert is not something we did often.  The meals we have planned in past have involved “old” friends; some we have known since childhood.  Everyone serves themselves, they never hesitate to take seconds and no one is concerned about the subject of conversation.

So, to say the least, there is a learning curve for making our new acquaintances feel welcome and comfortable in our home for dinner.  And honestly, we are having fun trying.  Here are some things that need work:

  • Food preparation timing.  We need to allow more time for chatting and snacking on appetizers before the main meal.  We are used to family arriving hungry and the main course better be ready soon or a riot will soon erupt--And why would we need to chat, dang man, I have known you too long already.  Let’s eat!
  • Keep the portions small.  New friends are not going to gorge themselves around someone new.  Again, a whole different story with family.
  • The conversation does not require a download of your complete past.  I get nervous and rattle on.  Relax.  Seriously, the family knows your history and they do not want to discuss it over dinner, either.

New friends if you are reading this, please know the dinners will be a pleasant past-time and we want you to return.  We are enjoying your company.  Old friends and family—we are ready for your visit, some big meals and raucous conversations!


  1. Funny post! Yes, building new friendships that move beyond the superficial is something different, isn't it?

    Another thing I've noticed: with old friends and family, when you say "let's eat", people move to the buffet line or table. With new friends, you sometimes need to push 'em - hand them a plate from the buffet, or suggest that so and so sit here or there.

    Or, just drink too much! :)

  2. Laurie - ...or drink too much...always fun to meet new friends, though!

  3. Well if you want to eat at my house show up October 8th at 1 PM! Hope you both can make it!

  4. Thanks for the invite, Melissa. I don't think we'll be in the T/C for a while, but if we are we will be stopping by!

  5. Great post. We would love to come to dinner (next year maybe) but we are the pretty unfussy types and if you tell us to eat, we surely will!!

  6. Janie - We look forward to your visit and we should be a bit more polished by next summer!


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